There are a couple of kitchen appliances that if I were to see in your space, I’d automatically think to myself “Wow. This person has her life together.” They include a French press, air fryer, Kitchenaid mixer, and, obviously, a Le Creuset Dutch oven. You’ve probably heard people rave about the multi-functionality of Le Creuset products and for you to finally hop on the bandwagon the brand is having a factory-to-table sale that includes all of the cult-favorite items.

BUY NOW Le Creuset 3 1/2 QT. Dutch Oven, $305 to $183,
What you’re likely curious about is if the iconic Dutch oven is included in the sale and the short answer is…YES! You can choose between the signature round, the round wide, the shallow, and the oval versions of the pot. The prices range depending on the size and shape you purchase but the signature round is on sale for up to $164 off the original price. Keep in mind Dutch ovens can braise meat, bake bread, cook soups, and even deep-fry, so you’re paying for one product that can perform many of your kitchen needs.
The sale also includes Le Creuset’s saucepans, skillets, burner grills, casserole dishes, and serving platters. Even some specialty items like a deviled egg platter, tea kettle, and dinner plates are up to 50 percent off.
As we roll right through April, it’s a good time to finally get to that Spring cleaning you’ve been putting off and your kitchen is a great place to start. Plus, the more you get rid of and donate the more you can validate a mini Le Creuset shopping spree. But you didn’t hear that from me!
You can start filling up your shopping cart here.
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