For one major, incredibly obvious reason, the world of sports looks very different this year. The NBA and NHL playoffs, currently played in a "bubble" where teams play to empty arenas, have somehow run into football season. Youth, high school, and even college sports seasons across the country have been heavily modified or even cancelled outright out of an abundance of precaution. 

No matter where, what, or how the sports season is going off, however, hungry fans, players, and coaches still need to eat doughnuts. Well, maybe need is a bit strong, but they'd surely be appreciated — especially if they can be had for cheap. 

That's where Krispy Kreme comes in. To celebrate the fact that  sports (at least on a conceptual level) still exists amid the pandemic, the doughnut glazing experts are instituting a "Sports Spirit Day" on Friday, September 25th. For one day only, anyone who rolls up to a Krispy Kreme wearing any kind of team gear (be it your favorite player's jersey, that high school football jersey you've held onto, or even just a cap for the tee ball team you coach) can get their hands on a dozen of their Original Glazed doughnuts for just $5.

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That MVP-caliber deal isn't the only way that Krispy Kreme will salute sports fans and athletes, either. During the week of September 21st through September 27th, participating Krispy Kreme locations will be offering a starting lineup of limited edition "Sports Dozen" doughnuts. In this case, that translates to Original Glazed doughnuts adorned with soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs, and footballs, perfect for watching the big game, celebrating your team's victory, or just remembering that these sports still exist.


You can get your hands on that Sports Dozen by placing a pickup, drive-thru, or online delivery order. To claim that $5 dozen on Friday the 25th, you kind of have to show up in person either in-store or via drive-thru, because how else are you going to show off your team spirit? 

Once you've figured out what jersey you're going to wear to Krispy Kreme on Friday, only one question remains: does attempting to glaze a doughnut 25 times count as a sport? Maybe someday. 

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