The omelet minis come in sausage and cheddar or gouda and bacon varieties depending on your preference. As for the sausage bites, think of them as an egg bite from Starbucks but with the sausage meat as a base. Jimmy Dean’s new sausage bites come in a Meat Lovers version that includes sausage filled with cheese, egg, and bacon or a flavor that features turkey sausage, egg, and cheese.
As per a press release, Chris Olson, senior brand manager of Jimmy Dean, said that the new product was made to help make breakfast a little easier for people who are spending more time at home and making every meal there too.
“At the start of 2020, people were cooking every meal at home, including breakfast. Over time, however, peoples’ energy for making multiple fresh meals throughout the day has waned, with 25 percent of people tired of cooking,” he said. “The new Jimmy Dean Loaded Sausage Bites and Omelet Minis are the perfect option for those seeking a warm breakfast or snack with the flavors they love without the time-consuming prep and clean-up.”

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