For a perfect cup of coffee, start with the beans. Grinding your own makes a major difference in freshness and allows you to customize for your favorite brewing method. That way, no matter if you prefer a pour over, French press, or automatic drip, you'll get precisely the right flavors (sans grinds) in your mug.

There are a variety of devices out there, but for the most consistent, user-friendly grinding, you'll want an automatic burr machine. It funnels beans through two sets of grinders that mill them to a uniform size, meaning your coffee will brew evenly to its best-tasting version. If that sounds good to you, then this will sound even better: Breville's highly rated Smart Grinder Pro is 44% off on Amazon right now.

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Built with stainless steel conical burrs, the Smart Grinder Pro is designed with 60 different settings that range from a coarse grind for French presses to a super fine grind for espresso. Its clear, easy-to-read LCD screen displays grind setting, grind time, and number of shots or cups you have selected; it also allows you to note and save your preferences. The machine features a precision timer to adjust and program grind times in 0.2-second increments for absolute control, and it comes with a small and large portafiler cradle, a grinds container with lid and sealing cap, and a cleaning brush.

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To buy: $196 (originally $350);

The device is one of Amazon's best-selling burr coffee grinders, acquiring more than 800 five-star reviews. Shoppers who have bought and tried out the Smart Grinder Pro themselves marvel at how powerful and easy to use the machine is, calling it a "game changer."

"Ok, this grinder has taken my home coffee and espresso game to a whole 'nother level," one wrote. "You want French Press grind—perfect. You like Turkish—got it. Oh regular drip—meh..child's play. This machine excels in the precision grind size it is capable of providing and the exact dose, weight, time for your next fix. I have become a home-based barista for my wife and kids."

Another added, "I have worked in a few coffee shops and operated a few different industrial grinder models as well as many of the home editions. I gave it 5 stars because I just haven't found a better grinder priced and intended for home use. I'm almost certain I won't need to buy a grinder for at least 20 years."

Most importantly, users say the Breville grinder makes their coffee taste better. "There is simply no comparison. I simply did not know that a coffee grinder would make such a difference in flavor," a customer raved.

While the Breville Smart Grinder Pro typically costs $350, right now it's just $196, which is an incredible deal that any coffee lover should pounce on.


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