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For most of my adult life, I've managed to operate without a full-size blender, I've blitzed charred vegetables into dips with a food processor, puréed soups with an immersion blender, and spent more money than I'd like to admit on smoothies. But there's only so many ways to tweak recipes that require a blender, and after far too many attempts at breaking down sturdy ingredients without the help of a powerful appliance, I knew it was time I leveled up.

The answer for me was the Nutribullet Smart Touch Blender, the newest launch in the brand's line of affordable blenders. The Smart Touch is the most powerful full-size blender Nutribullet has released yet, featuring a 1500-watt motor that can pulverize even the toughest ingredients like celery, carrots, and frozen mango. A 64-ounce vented pitcher, complete with a locking lid and integrated pour spout, is designed to extract the highest amount of nutrients.

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The sleek black design allows the appliance to blend into any environment. Plus, it's totally touch automated, with the settings popping up only after the blender's been plugged in. Choose from four blending programs (frozen drinks, soups, purées, and smoothies), three speeds, and a pulse function. A countdown clock lets you know how much time is left until everything's been blitzed and incorporated.

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To buy: $130;

Since unboxing the machine, I've been waking up to fresh smoothies. In under a minute I can sip breakfast, without worrying about chunks of frozen fruit that haven't been fully broken down. And if pieces do get stuck, I just stick the included tamper in the pitcher to encourage blending. Plus, puréeing tomato soup has never been faster or easier thanks to the powerful motor. These days, I'm reaching for my blender far more often than any other appliance.

I'm not the only one who's raving about the Nutribullet Smart Touch blender. Reviewers have chimed in on the brand's site too. "This is really the most powerful blender I have ever used," one shopper says. "I made a smoothie with ice, milk, and several pieces of fresh fruit in seconds. There was not even a small sliver of ice that was not blended. I have never had that with any other blender I have used."

The best part about the Nutribullet Smart Touch blender? It's just $130—a fraction of the price of a Vitamix or Ninja—but it boasts just as many splashy features. You can also opt for the combo version for an extra $50, which includes an easy-twist power extractor blade (the same style as a traditional Nutribullet), two smaller blending cups, and to-go lids. So if you're like me and never had the luxury of working with a blender, take the opportunity to nab this handy appliance.

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To buy: $180;

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