Novo Body is a Los Angeles-based fitness studio that focuses on high intensity group workouts that blend together cardio, strength training, and core work. Due to COVID-19, the studio has been offering live Zoom workouts for members to follow along with.
Hilary also said that as far as nutrition goes, she sticks with counting her macros. This way of eating involves counting how many grams of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats you eat per day. It doesn’t cut anything out, it just gives you a goal for each of these food groups to hit, which is why Hilary said she still consumes bread, chocolate, and wine. (The trifecta!)
We really just love this lady for being so candid on her Instagram page; she also finished off her caption saying it’s OK if fitness isn’t for everyone, as long as people are treating their bodies right in some way. “I know it’s extra hard to keep up and find normalcy in quarantine but I truly hope you make at least 30 mins a day for yourself to stay connected ♥️ do whatever feels good for you even if it’s not food or fitness related!” Love ya, girl!

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