Thursday, January 28, is the first full moon of the new year, and in honor of the occasion, beloved spirit brand Hendrick’s Gin is releasing a “lunar gin” for fans to enjoy. The lunar gin was first released in the United Kingdom in 2019 and is finally making its way to the states this week.
Hendrick’s Lunar Gin will offer a gentle spice, subtle floral notes, and a citrus finish and is perfect to savor at home. The point of the Lunar Gin is to celebrate the full moon and what it represents heading into a brand new year. The brand also wants to encourage drinkers to “moonbathe” underneath the light of the full moon while sipping on the new beverage. Hendrick’s Ambassador to the United States Vance Henderson explained the tradition of moonbathing in a press release.
“An activity practiced by esteemed members of Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Girvan, Scotland, moonbathing is the polar, or rather the lunar, opposite of sunbathing,” he said: “Yet instead of baking under the harsh light of the sun with barely any clothes on, one can dress stylishly below the moonlight, which supports celestial contemplation and many claim provides the ideal ambiance for rejuvenation and a renewal of the mind and body.”
To get the full experience of moonbathing with the Lunar gin, Hendrick’s is selling a Moonbathing Kit on their merch site that comes with moon goggles, jasmine-scented lotion, a moonstone, blanket, gin glasses, and a cocktail spoon. All that’s left to do is watch the how-to video about moonbathing on the Hendrick’s site and purchase a bottle of the Lunar elixir when it goes on sale at most high-end spirit retailers on January 28.

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