Get ready to empty out those pockets if you’re planning to head to Gordon Ramsay’s new London restaurant, y’all, because the celebrity chef is definitely planning to deliver the “wow factor” when it comes to his latest creation.
Revving up for his December opening of the London location of his Las Vegas-based restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Burger, the Michelin-starred chef is turning heads for its menu lineup; but it’s not because everything sounds so good. It’s because there’s one particular item that’s priced oddly high: a $106 burger. Yikes.
Though a burger priced that high seems a bit absurd to most, Ramsay, however, believes that it will be well worth the price tag. Located inside Harrods department store, the burger joint’s promises that these won’t be “your average quarter-pounders,” according to the website. So, what makes it so tantalizing, you ask? Apparently, the burger—named the Wagyu burger—will reportedly feature an exquisite lineup of 100% UK heritage beef patty, seared Wagyu sirloin, fresh black truffles, and truffle Pecorino cheese. Just keep in mind though, fries are sold separately (sorry, friends).
While the reactions to the burgers have been very mixed, Ramsay stands on the creation being more than what you imagined.
“I promise you will never have tasted anything quite as delicious as the amazing burgers at Gordon Ramsay Burger,” Ramsay told Hot Dinners. “I’ve been perfecting burgers for years in America and now, at Harrods, we are taking it to the next level.”
Expensive burgers aren’t the only thing on the Gordon Ramsay’s Burger menu, however, If you want to save a little (and I do mean little) bit of money, you can opt for the cheaper options like the spicy Hell’s Kitchen burger with jalapeno aioli and mozzarella cheese($33) or the American burger made with classic fixings and American cheese ($28). There’s also a $56 lobster-and-shrimp burger equipped with a pan-seared lobster and rock shrimp patty.
So if getting a combo meal instead of 2 for $4 option from Wendy’s is as far as you’d like to go when it comes to “burger splurging,” then you may just want to wait until there’s a dupe that comes out on YouTube.
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