The holiday season likely gets you thinking about all things peppermint, gingerbread, and hot cocoa, but there are so many more ways to get into a festive mood. Fruit by the Foot is mixing things up and offering a Merry Berry flavor that will be a perfect stocking stuffer this year.
These Merry Berry-flavored snacks taste like fruit punch according to @JunkFoodOnTheGo on Instagram, and each is both red and green to add even more of a seasonal touch. Typical Fruit by the Foot snacks are around three feet long, but these are a “mini feet” version that are smaller and great for younger kids or people who want to save room for all of the other goodies bound to be eaten during the holiday season.
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Each box of these Fruit by the Foot roll-ups includes four pieces, so keep that in mind if you have a bigger family or want to fill any stocking to the brim with them. @JunkFoodOnTheGo found these at their local Walmart, but you’ll likely be able to find these at most mainstream grocery stores.
If you really want to lean in to the typical flavors of the holidays, you should know that we have an Apple Cinnamon Fruit Roll Ups recipe you can make with just five easy ingredients. I say you fill each gift bag you wrap this year with a couple of the Merry Berry kind and some of the homemade ones youjust to keep people on their toes. ‘Tis the season for surprises, right?

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