As you might’ve recently heard, McDonald’s has recently (finally) introduced spicy chicken McNuggets to its menu. As part of the effort, they introduced “Spicesurance” to protect those who can’t handle the heat.

That insurance wouldn’t have prevented the McNuggets injury that Florida resident Alexei Stolfat suffered back in May. So instead, he’s suing the fast food megachain for $1.1 million.

As Today tells it, Stolfat and his wife got an order of McNuggets through Uber Eats. At some point during the meal, he bit down (apparently pretty hard) into a McNugget only to somehow find a 0.8-inch bone lodged in there. Making contact with it caused “unbearable jaw pain,” and things got so bad that Stolfat went to the dentist, who diagnosed him with two microcracks in his tooth. Given that he has no dental insurance, Stolfat alleged that it would take six months to get enough money together to pay to replace the tooth.


Which brings us to the lawsuit. Stolfat’s $1.1 million suit alleges that there should be no bones in chicken McNuggets, given that McDonald’s claims on its website that they are made from “White Boneless Chicken.”

For their part McDonald’s is looking into the matter. “Providing safe, high quality food is always our top priority, and both our restaurants and our suppliers follow rigorous quality control standards,” a statement provided to Today reads. “We take these claims seriously and are looking into this complaint.”

Though the $1.1 million price tag probably seems frivolous, Stolfat claims to have noble intentions should he be awarded that total sum. After covering those dental expenses and keeping some for mental and emotional distress, Stolfat tells Today he plans to donate most of the money to charity.

“I’m not looking to be famous in this case or something like that,” he said. “I want to help other people, to protect them and tell them to be very careful with McNuggets.”

It’s a noble crusade, but probably not the most important cause at the moment. Still, maybe bite carefully the next time you eat some McNuggets just to be safe. 


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