Disney Food Blog posted a photo of the super fun and bright Peter Pan Float they spotted back at Storybook Treats in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Big Disney fans will know that this treat isn’t exactly new; in fact, Disney Food Blog first posted about it back in 2018. Still, a treat this good is worth bringing up again and again, especially when it comes back around.
It’s made with pastel green lime Dole Whip that’s then topped with Sprite. It’s also adorned with a red chocolate feather, which is made to look like the very one that Peter always has in his cap. This super dreamy float is just one of many delicious treats you’ll find at the Disney parks right now but fans seemed particularly excited for the return of this float.
“My favorite of them all, better than dare I say it the fabled dole whip float,” one person wrote. “Yay! I thought it was gone forever. This is my fav treat of all,” another fan said.
Back in 2018, this float went for around $5.89, so be sure to bring at least that much if you’re visiting the parks any time soon and you’ll be on a one-way trip to Neverland…or at least a really good sugar rush.

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