Whether you’re chopping or carving, seasoning or slicing, chances are that your meal begins on a cutting board. It’s the foundation of a kitchen, the blank slate for all sorts of delicious recipes. And if you’re a fan of classics (aren’t we all?), then you know and love Boos boards.

Since 1887, John Boos and Co. has been an industry leader in butcher blocks and cutting boards. Chefs and home cooks alike love their characteristic durability thanks to bodies made of sturdy hardwoods, like maple, cherry, and walnut. And its end-grain construction keeps your block less scuffed and knives sharper.

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Typically, that quality comes at a hefty price — boards can cost as much as $400. But we have some exciting news: Boos cutting boards are 20 percent off at Williams Sonoma from now until Sunday, June 16.

Browse through the entire sale here, and stock up your cart while you can. And if you’re looking for some guidance, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite picks.

Cherry Edge-Grain Rectangular Cutting Board

Crafted from sustainably harvested cherry, this American-made cutting board is fit for years and years of use.

To buy: $87 for medium board (originally $109); williams-sonoma.com

Maple End-Grain Rectangular Chopping Block

At nearly 3-inches thick and made with naturally antibacterial maple, this chopping block is ready to be your new kitchen workhorse.

To buy: $164 (originally $205); williams-sonoma.com

Maple Edge-Grain Carving Board

Don’t sweat carving your extra-large roast or Thanksgiving turkey. This board’s deep grooves capture all those delicious juices, and spouts help pour everything into a bowl or saucepan.

To buy: $148 (originally $185); williams-sonoma.com

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