What color Gatorade you like to chug after working out (or, more likely, the morning after a night out) says a lot about you. If you need a good ice breaker, I’ve found that asking people their flavor of choice is bound to be a lively conversation. And while we’ve always been subjected to going off the opinions of our friends, Gatorade recently shared which of its flavors are the most popular in the U.S…and we are, quite frankly, STUNNED.
The Takeout received internal sales data from the company to determine America’s most beloved flavors of Gatorade. Topping the list is Cool Blue, which is kind of surprising, and frankly a little awkward for us. You see, we ranked Gatorade flavors once upon a time, and out of the 22 varieties we looked at, Cool Blue came in—how do I put this?—dead ‘effing last place. Someone on our staff said it tasted like “if someone melted a blue Jolly Rancher in weird water, maybe.” YIKES.
Next up in popularity is Fruit Punch, which is lucky for us, because that was the top-ranking flavor in our taste test. PHEW. This was followed by Lemon Lime, Glacier Freeze, and then Orange. My fiancé is the biggest Orange Gatorade devotee I know and is constantly bullied by friends for it, so I hope this brings him (and possibly you??) some comfort.
No matter which color Gatorade you enjoy, hopefully it brings you some relief after your very strenuous at-home workout or the morning after you play a drinking game to the Twilight movies…highly recommend that, by the way.

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