Cinnamon rolls and pancakes decided to have a baby and package it for sale at Walmart. Crazy times! Cinnabon has created the perfect holiday breakfast you can make at home.

Cinnabon Rolled Pancake Kit With Mugs
The new kit includes mix to make six large Cinnabon Rolled Pancakes. The result is gooey, sweet rolls that are made with Makara cinnamon. No need to break out the maple syrup here, though, because the kit includes frosting mix so you can make it fresh to spread onto the rolled pancakes.
If that weren’t enough, you’ll also get hot cocoa mix and two white sweater-design mugs, so you have something to sip with your creation! Is anyone starting to think that we must break this out for an indulgent Christmas brunch? And maybe get an extra to give as a gift, since it has a bow on it anyway?
You can pick up the Cinnabon Rolled Pancake Kit at Walmart for $12.98. There’s also the option of ordering it online, which we know is so much better than trying to find a parking spot during the holiday season.
Cinnabon is no longer just for a mall food court, so if you need us, we’ll be baking and eating for the next hour.
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