Even those who aren’t typically into sports look forward to the Olympics every four years. As the qualifying trials continue, viewers are starting to get excited for the days ahead, and this year’s Team USA women’s track and field team is the hot topic—including one particular athlete and her Cool Ranch Doritos earrings.
Christina Clemons is set to be a first-time Olympian following her qualifiers on Sunday. Christina competed in the 100-Meter Hurdle trials and has been after her spot on Team USA since 2012. Besides her incredible agility and speed, fans were quick to spot her amazing choice of earrings: a dangly pair of mini Cool Ranch Doritos chips.

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I enjoy Doritos chips as much as the next gal, but wearing them on your ears while you compete for a spot on an Olympic team is truly the ultimate power move. The story behind why Christina chose this accessory is also so adorable. In an interview that she posted to her Instagram story, Christina explained her inspiration. “I love Doritos, so why not? And they match my uniform and my husband calls be Dorito because I have broad shoulders and small hips so it was just fitting,” she said.
And it seems that along with her training and hard work, the Doritos were a little token of good luck while she ran. Lucky for fellow Doritos lovers or people who love being influenced by their favorite athletes, there are tons of different Doritos earrings available on Etsy for purchase. Chances are they won’t give you amazing athletic ability when you wear them, but they will totally be the perfect touch to any outfit heading into this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

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