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The star revealed on Twitter last night that even though she’s “always been staunchly against tea” most of her life, there is one tea brand out there that has converted her: Tea Drops.

“I can’t stop telling everyone I interact with about this tea. I think maybe my mind is blown because I’ve always been staunchly against tea most my life. I have no stake in this and do not know the people behind it but DAMN, I love it,” Teigen wrote.

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Tea Drops are sweetened, organic loose leaf teas that come pressed into cute shapes like stars, hearts, and flowers. Instructions are easy: Simply drop the pressed tea in hot water, and as the tea leaves diffuse, you’ll have an instant cup of sweetened tea. The brand creates tons of unique flavors like ginger peach cobbler and forest berry shortcake, along with classic favorites like peppermint, earl gray, and matcha green tea. And if you want to try a mix, the Tea Drops offers a tea sampler filled with eight varieties, which Teigen showed in a quick video included with her post last night.

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“Last night I had the strawberry shortcake tea and aaaaah, so maach like. And there’s a thai iced tea sprinkle tea thing by the same brand. And and and the lemon ginger. Already sweet and ready to go,” Teigen continued. She also reiterated that the post was not an ad, and that she simply “can’t shut up about it. If you come to my house, you are hearing about this tea. There are so many flavors and it’s gotten me to drink less horrible shit!”

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Tea Drops offers caffeinated or decaffeinated options, and there are no additional ingredients in the drops aside from a small amount of organic cane sugar. Plus, Teigen isn’t the only one addicted to them — hundreds of customers on Amazon can’t stop raving about them either. The sampler is even a number two best-seller in Amazon’s Coffee and Tea Gifts and Tea Samplers categories.

“I have always viewed tea as a nice, hot beverage but, for example, never understood how in England they are crazy about tea — until I tried my first Tea Drop, brewed from organic ingredients and sweetened perfectly. The fact that they are dissolvable is a brilliant idea,” one shopper wrote. “Truly, it turned partaking of tea as an EXPERIENCE, rather than just simply drinking a hot beverage when using tea bags. You can tell that a lot of research went into developing each flavor combination of tea. The flavors are absolutely amazing. The sampler is worth a try. After a long day of work it is now part of my routine in the evening to have a wonderful cuppa tea from Tea Drops.”

The best part? There are so many flavors to choose from that there’s truly something for everyone. To browse through all the fun shapes and flavors Tea Drops has to offer, check out its storefront on Amazon here.

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