Williams Sonoma Bread

This past weekend, I tried out the activity that seemingly everyone else is doing for the first time, if yeast flying off the shelves is any indication: baking bread. But it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. The process of making a cinnamon sugar loaf took up my entire Saturday, as I impatiently waited for my dough to rise three times before it even saw the inside of the oven. Sure, the end result was worth the hassle, but there is an easier route to baking your own bread.

Among William-Sonoma's baking essentials is this easy-to-use trio of artisan bread mixes that will serve up different styles of breads in no time. Foolproof French bread, multigrain bread, and Parmesan garlic bread are all on the menu, and you won't need to stop by the grocery store for additional ingredients. Simply beat together the bread mix, water, oil, and yeast packet, and then knead and shape the dough before popping it in the oven. Each mix yields a 1-lb. loaf that may hardly make it through the end of the day.

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Williams Sonoma Bread Mixes

Each style of bread int the trio has a distinct flavor. The multigrain bread mix is a heartier option, made with organic wheat, rye, oats, and spelt that makes for a solid toast. You can whip up the French bread for Parisian bakery-style sandwiches or spread with butter alongside a filling salad for lunch. And opt for the Parmesan garlic bread on pasta night—the classic family favorite may have people wishing it was the main course (I always do).

You can get the set with all three bread mixes at Williams-Sonoma for $35. If merely one flavor has caught your eye, you can scoop up individual mixes for just $12. There are even gluten-free options available as well.

Williams Sonoma Artisan Bread Mixes

To buy: $35; williams-sonoma.com

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