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Whether you're a millennial or a senior member of the baby boomer generation, there's a good chance you've sucked down a few frozen Otter Pops in your lifetime. A popular brand of the frozen icee pops which kids and adults love to eat in the heat, Otter Pops are known for their vibrant colors and fun flavor names that are based on caricatures; Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Alexander the Grape, Poncho Punch, Little Orphan Orange, Strawberry Short Kook, and Sir Isaac Lime among them. The brand has decided to make this sweet summer staple even more innocent, however, by removing all of the artificial dyes to let natural colorings shine. 

According to a Foodbeast report, Otter Pops are now colored by natural fruit juices used in production rather than any artificial dyes, including varieties such as apple and orange juice. Diehard fans with a trained eye may notice that the colors may be not as brightly neon as they once were, but the taste should remain just the same (if not better!). 

With a new formula in place, shoppers can expect to see a shortened list of ingredients on Otter Pops' labels: Water, sugar, apple juice from concentrate, and less than two percent of citric acid, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate.

If you're worried about how the formula change will impact the flavor of this classic summertime treat, don't sweat it just yet—the brand is slowly rolling out the new formula, beginning with Costco stores in California, Oregon, and Washington. While you'll still be able to purchase traditional freeze pops online at retailers like Amazon, the newly updated product should be available nationwide just in time for next summer's heat waves. 

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