It’s already December, so hopefully you’ve started tackling your advent cals, whether they’re full of tequila or chocolate or wine, whatever! But have you started thinking about what you’re going to do for your end of December countdown? Yeah, it’s totally a thing, and Aldi has you covered. Basically, you’re going to be drinking mini bottles of wine all December long, so buckle up!!!!
Aldi is once again selling its sparkling wine calendar that is meant to be opened up the week leading up to New Year’s Day. Whether you choose to pop the first bottle on Christmas or start the countdown the day after is up to you, but all I know is this advent cal is the perfect antidote for the snoozy week between Christmas and New Year’s. Enjoy mini bottles like a Prosecco, a sparkling Chardonnay, a Brut, and more.You can preview all of them on Aldi’s Instagram post below to get a sense of what the cal entails.
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These should be rolling out at Aldi location in the U.S. today for around $25 each. Of course not every Aldi sells alcohol and what your local location will have in stock will vary, so it’s best to go ahead check it out for yourself. We expect this particular offer to go pretty quickly for obvious reasons so if you manage to snag one for yourself, well, I guess that’s a pretty good omen for 2021!

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