Before you roll your eyes at boxed wine, you should know that it’s not a faux pas anymore (in fact, it’s kind of a big trend!) We tried 23—yes, 23—different boxed wines and found that many were just as delicious and drinkable as their bottled counterparts. Not only that, but because the wine doesn't have contact with air until it's poured, they last longer—like up to six weeks—so you can enjoy a reasonable serving without worrying that you're wasting an open bottle.

That’s why we were super excited to see that Aldi will be rolling out this box of rosé sangria on 6/26. The box is 3 liters, so it packs about 20 servings (read: it’s perfect for your next party!) Best part? The box is just $9.99. In case you’re doing the math, that’s about $.50 per glass of wine. Score!

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So you may want to stock up for summer. Just make sure to snag a few boxes right when they hit stores, because they’ll only be available for a limited time. And since the box only contains wine (no fruit), you’ll want to pick up a bag or two of Aldi’s frozen sangria fruit kits to add some flavor. Pro tip: Toss the frozen fruit right in your glass to cool down your sangria, and enjoy by your nearest body of water to achieve summertime bliss.

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