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Planning meals can take a lot of time. Unfortunately, time is something we cannot replicate, and when we're feeling stressed about what to eat, we'll often pivot to an unhealthy option in the spirit of saving time. Fortunately, we also live in the age of the internet, where we have instantaneous access to resources that help us solve daily problems like "What am I going to eat tonight?"

And if you didn't already know, the Cooking Light Diet Facebook Community is an amazing resource for meal planning. Members exchange favorite recipes, trade tips on cooking techniques, seek out motivation, and share their successes. But it's also a great place for potential new members to decide whether they want to subscribe to the Cooking Light Diet. Case in point: Debbie DeMaria Shumway recently joined the Community and wanted to know how effective the meal-planning service was and whether it was worth signing up.

Struggling to cook healthy? We'll help you prep.

Luckily for Debbie, feedback from Cooking Light Diet subscribers came swiftly. The overwhelming consensus? Yes, Debbie, you should definitely subscribe! But for anyone else out there considering paying money for a meal-planning service, here are 13 reasons why those subscribers said it should be the Cooking Light Diet.

Have We Mentioned the Community? 

Christy Lindberg-Price lost 50 pounds with the Cooking Light Diet(!), so she wanted Debbie to know it does work. But beyond that, she was also effusive about how great the community can be in supporting fellow members. And then Robin McCord helpfully chimed in with her thoughts on how delicious the meals are. Thanks, Christy and Robin!

65 Pounds Lost and Makes Mealtime So Easy

Cynthia Mason Moran wanted Debbie to know that the sheer number of recipes available means lots of variety, and the meals have been a perfect fit for her whole family. Since joining, she's hit her goal weight and is maintaining a weight loss of 65 pounds. Go, Cynthia, go!

Tried Losing Weight For Years, But This is Working

Cooking Light Diet member Peg Langner Roehrich told Debbie that she tried losing weight for years, without much luck. Since starting this service in October 2019, though, she's already down 20 pounds, even maintaining through the holiday season. Great job, Peg!

It’s Not a Diet—It’s a Lifestyle Change

Stop us if this sounds cliché, but we truly believe the Cooking Light Diet is a lifestyle choice more than it is a "diet." We're not alone in that belief, though. Susanne Hensel-Goodwin reiterated that sentiment to Debbie, also telling her that if she follows the plan, it will work.

Chef Calls The Food The Best She’s Had in Her Life

By trade, chefs taste a lot of food. That's why we're over here glowing about what member Komal Shah said concerning the meals she's so far enjoyed using the Cooking Light Diet. Thank you, Komal!

45 Pounds Lost in 6 Months

If weight loss is what Debbie hopes to achieve, she needs look no further than Sandra Stewart's amazing response to her question. We are just as impressed as your doctor, Sandra! Keep up the great work.

“Never Thought I Would Put Enjoying and Diet in the Same Sentence”

Having only started the Cooking Light Diet in January, Melissa Fitzgerald Karlovitch is in disbelief with how much she's liking it so far. She let Debbie know she's confident she'll be able to stick with this plan. We think so, too!

You Will Save Money

Elizabeth Striegl told Debbie the first thing that comes to mind about the Cooking Light Diet is how much money she's saving. She and her husband are dining out less and spending less on groceries. Oh, she mentioned she and her husband have both lost 70 pounds each—and kept the weight off—as well. So, there's that.

Ingredient Restrictions? We Can Cater to Those

Brenda Law let Debbie know that although she's diabetic and can't eat gluten, she's found no shortage of variety when it comes to recipes on her meal plan.

You’ll Feel So Much Better

Patricia Reidy Lawrence signed up after seeing herself in her son's wedding pictures. She lost 30 pounds—and kept it off—and wanted Debbie to know that she feels so much better in a multitude of ways. Not to mention she says her wardrobe and cooking techniques have vastly improved thanks to the Cooking Light Diet.

Company-Worthy Meals Go Beyond Weight Loss

Donna West told Debbie that even if she uses the Cooking Light Diet to hit her goal weight, it's well worth it to stay subscribed just for the recipes alone.

Confidence in Maintaining

Robin McCord wanted Debbie to know that she's confident she will be able to maintain her weight loss once she reaches her goal, thanks to the Cooking Light Diet.

Losing Weight As a Group Effort

Citing both easy recipes and teamwork when deciding what to cook, Kathy Magiorkinos Bohs told Debbie that she and her husband both have lost weight in the two weeks since starting the service.

These are just some of the many reasons members gave Debbie as to why she should subscribe to the Cooking Light Diet. To see more, join the Cooking Light Diet Facebook Community. Or subscribe today to start receiving your very own customizable meal plans!

*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.

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