candy cane house wants to make this holiday season the most unique one yet. And it appears to be succeeding thanks to its over-the-top bookable — and edible — Candy Cane House in London.

Located in the heart of London’s Soho neighborhood, the Candy Cane House will soon be available for up to two guests for two respective nights. It’s the ideal spot for a holiday getaway for anyone who truly loves sweets as the home comes stocked full of them — including some edible wreaths presented on arrival.

The entire home looks like its straight out of Hansel and Gretel (minus the evil witch) thanks to its candy cane windows and sugar-snowy facade. candy cane candy cane house

Inside, guests can relax and sift through their complimentary gift box, which comes with sparkling wines to pair with their holiday sweets in the home’s Candy Lounge. And, if guests really wanted, they could eat the entire interior decor, as the home comes lined with edible candy canes and edible baubles on the walls. Even the Christmas Tree comes with a few edible treats.

If guests are feeling full they can go lay down in the master Ginger-Breadroom, which comes with its own candy cane four-poster bed and a forest full of Christmas trees. Don’t worry, there are snacks in there too as the trees come with edible chocolate pine cones. candy cane house

But that’s not all. The home also has a complete Coco-Kitchen, which looks like a chocolate lover’s paradise, with just a touch of caramel to make things even sweeter. Even in the bathroom guests will find confectionery-inspired decor, right down to the candy cane soap. candy cane house

To get in on the house visitors have to be quick to book. The home is only available for two nights on Wednesday, Dec. 18 and Thursday, Dec. 19. Bookings for the house open Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. GMT. If for some reason this house doesn’t do it for you you could always try booking a night in the Vegemite house instead.

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