You can keep your pools, your community gyms, and your laundry services—the only amenity that truly matters to millennials is avocado toast.

That’s why the property developer behind the Kira project, a new development by Vancouver’s Woodbridge Homes, is offering free avocado toast for a year with the purchase of a $399,900+ ($296,000+ USD) condo, Munchies reports.

“Saving for a down payment does require some saving and sacrificing,” Woodbridge Homes president Jamie Howard told The Star Vancouver. “At the Kira project, we say you can have your avocado toast and eat it too.”

Pretty ridiculous, right? But before the internet’s legions of angry Generation Xers sit down to write one million more think pieces about millennial frivolity, they should probably understand the whole story: Woodbridge’s offer is likely a tongue-in-cheek response to Australian real estate developer Tim Gurner’s comments on a 2017 episode of 60 Minutes.

“When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each,” he said. “We’re at a point now where the expectations of younger people are very, very high. They want to eat out every day, they want to travel to Europe every year. The people that own homes today worked very, very hard for it [and] saved every dollar, did everything they could to get up the property investment ladder.”

People were obviously peeved at insinuation, and were quick to point out that A.) most millennials struggle to invest in real estate because of student loans, stagnant wages, and rising home prices—not because of poor breakfast choices—and B.) Gurner purchased his first property after he received a $34,000 loan from his grandfather.

So, yeah. It’s not a completely absurd promotion. Sticking it to the man while munching on avocado toast has never been easier.

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