Sweet Potato Casserole

Hold onto your hats, folks. We’re kicking November off with Mercury going retrograde (on 10/31), which means wonkiness abounds and a collective propensity for miscommunication exists until the 19th. And with a Scorpio sun, Mars in Scorpio, and the Scorpio new moon on the 12th, you can expect this month to feel exceptionally intense and energized, especially as it pertains to your relationships with others. (Typical Scorpio for you.) 

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And what all of that really means is that this is a month to hold tight to soothing, soul-warming, made-for-sharing casseroles. Of course, with Thanksgiving, and all manner of holiday entertaining that surrounds it, just around the bend, you probably already knew that. Read on to see what comforting casserole recipe is best suited towards your sign’s needs during November 2019. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)


Mercury’s retrograde at the start of this month will place romantic relationships and money matters top of mind. You may feel issues relating to your independence and self-sufficiency come into question; but Aries, there’s no question that you’re a strong individual. You don’t need another to prove yourself successful. But these questions will continue to grow and intensify as you head towards the full moon in Taurus on November 12th and you’d be wise to step away from your security blankies and take a risk—reconsider what “success” means to you. This is a time to look beyond individual achievements and consider what can be accomplished when those who can stand strong on their own come together in collaboration. 

mr- hash brown breakfast casserole reshoot

Featuring solo morning time power players like eggs, hash browns, and sausage, what casserole could be better than the mighty breakfast casserole to embody synergistic unity? It’s perfect to make ahead for overnight company, so let go and let this Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole remind you that we’re better together.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)


It’s likely that you’ve been crazy-busy and feeling a little off-kilter heading into November, yeah? No worries, Taurus. As we ease into the month, Venus will be encouraging you to turn your attention towards travel, exploration, and generally expanding your horizons. So, not to add another thing to your to-do list, but you may want to go ahead and plan for a little vacation this month (even just a short weekend trip)—you’ll thank yourself later, as merely the planning is apt to provide a positive boost. 

Taco-Tot Casserole image

Taco-Tot Casserole image

As you’re prone to feeling more restless (and as a byproduct, possibly crankier) than your usual self, it’s important that you feed yourself something comforting and familiar—but with a little exciting zing, to honor that growing appetite to experience new flavors. The perfect marriage of nostalgic cozy and an adventurous change of pace? Taco-Tot Casserole, of course!

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Gemini (May 21-June 20)


Ah, dear Gemini, this is an exciting time for new beginnings! Don’t let Mercury’s retrograde at the start of the month get you down. You’ll want to practice awareness and flexibility towards the fact that you’re exceptionally prone to confusion and breakdowns in your lines of communication right now. Simply be extra mindful when you speak, and keep your eye towards where you want fresh starts; because wherever you want and invite revitalization, you’ll find yourself set up for it, my friend. You’re particularly prone towards opportunities for improvement in your career and in your physical health/diet—and will continue to be heading into the new year. So fertilize those areas of your life!

mr - Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole Image

If we’re talking about new beginnings and improvements in terms of one’s work and/or health, we are absolutely talking about Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole. This easy and elegant dish is all about working smarter, not harder, in order to put a fresher, more flavorful and nutritious version of the canned classic on the table. So bust this beauty out for Thanksgiving and show gratitude for the fresh starts in front of you.  

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)


Congratulations, Cancer—welcome to a month of harmony in your relationships and abundant creative flow. This is a sweet time for you, a true reflection of your sweet and giving nature. As Venus moves into Capricorn, you will have an especially smooth time understanding and expressing appreciation and affection in your relationships; not only with your partner and other intimate relations, but with everyone. You’ll likely find it easier to support and cooperate with colleagues and friends alike. On top of this time of harmonious relations, the new moon at the start of the month suggests that it’s an excellent time for a new creative project (and remember, creativity can apply in every aspect of your life, Cancer). So keep an eye out for fresh opportunities to try something new, they’ll be there.  

Sweet Potato Casserole

It should come as no surprise that sweet potato casserole is your 11-x7-inch North Star this month. Sure, some would argue it belongs on the dessert table, but November is here to remind you that warming and rich tastes of sugary sweetness can, and should, show up anywhere. Plus, with a fragrant oat and vanilla bean streusel replacing the mini marshmallows, this twist on the classic provides a delightful nod to your creative potential this month.

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Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)


You may very well enter the month feeling a touch frustrated; not deterred, simply frustrated. Does it feel like you’re putting in significant effort, particularly as it relates to work, without seeing much of a payoff? Yeah, Mars’ retrograde is impacting your area of career and public perception. But it’s nothing to be discouraged by, Leo. Putting in the work now IS going to yield positive results long-term. You’ll be seeing positive shifts and developments in your professional relationships and your career at large; just be patient and stay ambitious. Also, ready yourself for an evolution, some form of fresh beginning, in your home/family life. It could be something you’ve been wanting for quite a while… a new living situation, a new addition to the family, who knows? (Hint: You do.) 

King Ranch Chicken

For you, Leo—a casserole that proves putting in patient and deliberate effort on the front end sets us up for delicious results down the line: King Ranch Chicken Casserole. Not to mention, this cozy dinner is a great one to reflect sincere appreciation for a thriving home and family life. 

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)


November is a prime time to work on the energy in your immediate ecosystem, Virgo. While you will have opportunities for new friends, or perhaps even new neighbors, coming up this month, you’re especially well posed to focus on matters related to home and family. Communicate mindfully and openly with your immediate family (or roommates) this month in order to better understand needs and promote positivity in the home. This could also translate to home improvement/organization projects, or even moving into a new home; whatever it is, just be sure to handle it collaboratively with those you share space with. 

Ground Beef and Pasta Casserole

A healthy home environment starts with solid family dinners shared at home, am I right? That being the case… beef and pasta casserole is here for ya, Virgo. 

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Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


Good news, Libra: November’s new moon in Scorpio suggests that some opportunities to expand your wealth (income and/or property) are coming your way. Now, a note of caution—while you’re feeling financially flush, you may also feel an uncharacteristic leaning towards splurges and extravagance. While it’s, of course, OK to treat yourself every now and again, handling any gained financial prosperity with a future-minded, moderate touch will set you up for continual building upon your bank account. In addition, you’ll find satisfying and reaffirming support coming through in high definition via the relationships in your life—new and old—this month. Cheers to you, prosperity all around!

Tuna Noodle Casserole

As in all things, you know the crucial need for balance, Libra. Thus, here’s a gloriously golden casserole to represent both your Midas touch and the importance for wisdom in the budgeting department this month: Tuna-Noodle Casserole. Sure, you could spring for sashimi-grade tuna steaks, but c’mon, where’s the comfort in that? Rest easy with a meal that tastes rich, but is kind to your budget. 

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)


Scorpio, this can certainly be your time to thrive, but it’s not the best time for risky or dramatic behavior. Spend the bulk of your mental energy honing in on where your passions lie, in any and all areas of your life, and working to become more qualified to pursue them. As long as you do this with honesty and integrity, November can be a most fruitful month of intensive healing and rebirth for you. As you pursue this intention for self-empowerment, one key theme for you to keep in mind is collaboration and teamwork, especially as it pertains to your work. A team-oriented mindset will be key to resolving any conflicts that may arise with colleagues; plus, you’re well posed to have a ton of fun in your friendships this month, and this mindset will ensure good vibes all around. When it comes to finances, keep your focus set towards saving. Even if you come into some extra cash, remember that you’re best off to save for a rainy day. 

Cheesy Potato Casserole

This easy, cheesy casserole has “potluck potatoes” written all over it, and that makes it ideal for your needs this month, Scorpio. It’s not overly involved or overly expensive, but it’s absolutely inviting and perfect for sharing. After all, who can really resist a cornflake topped casserole? 

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)


Sagittarius, November may feel a little rocky for you as you’re more prone to conflicts both at work and at home, as well as being a touch more susceptible to drags on your health. The good news is, knowledge is power, and now that you know, you can absolutely act accordingly to level out some of these issues. Investing a bit more mindfulness into your communications with others, as well as into your physical wellness routine can go a long way this month. And what will prove to be the most powerful intention to keep in mind, Sag, is that kindness paid out will be returned in full, plus interest. So despite any setbacks that may come your way, try to keep empathy and giving at the forefront—and trust that any issues that do arise will meet peaceful resolutions by the end of November. They will. 

Chicken, Broccoli, and Brown Rice Casserole

Clearly, something low-maintenance but nourishing in every sense is exactly what you need in your November dinner rotation. Chicken and rice casserole it is! (Chicken, Broccoli, and Brown Rice Casserole, to be exact.) This healthier version is loaded up on veggie goodness with broccoli and mushrooms as well as whole grains. And the best part is, whipping up a skillet of this hearty casserole, while easy, is just about one of the kindest things you can do for someone. So go ahead, give generously, Sagittarius.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)


It’s time to shift from prioritizing surface level interactions to focus on relationships of substance in your life. This month will give you a bump in the right direction, Capricorn. Make this your mantra for November: Family first. (Shouldn’t be too hard with Thanksgiving just around the corner, right?) Investing into your home and family life will yield rich returns for you, Capricorn—far richer and more tangible than chasing any perceived appearances you hope to achieve or maintain for others. This applies in romance too; more and more, you feel yourself less inclined towards the trite and amusing, and increasingly drawn towards true partnership. Let this gut compass guide you—even if it feels like unfamiliar, vulnerable territory, shedding some masks will prove revelatory for you. 

Chicken-Spaghetti Casserole

Consider this Chicken Spaghetti Casserole the recipe interpretation of your November mantra. Serve it with a simple green salad and it will serve you well. 

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)


Good morning, Aquarius! The rest of the world may feel like hibernating, but for you, November will be a reawakening. This will be especially applicable in the areas surrounding your career, where you will likely start feeling a rejuvenated sense of meaning and passion. And others will feel it too; expect abundant recognition from those surrounding you as you sore to new heights. Remember, Aquarius, whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve. This month invites you to do so with refreshed creativity, individuality, and inventiveness. 

Apple Pie French Toast Casserole image

Such a thrilling awakening calls for a seriously exciting breakfast. This Apple Pie French Toast Casserole is a sweet, make ahead-friendly nod to your achievements (present and impending). 

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)


November will kickstart an exciting time of expanding horizons for you, Pices. You may feel a little restless with the old routine as you feel the world opening up to you, and that’s perfectly OK. Allow that frustration to fuel you, especially your creative fire. Above all else, honoring your individuality and unique sense of self is key this month. As your perspective of the world around you grows wider, your understanding of yourself will likewise grow deeper. Enjoy the journey

mr-greek salad lasagna image.jpg

Honor the many beautiful layers of yourself and this crazy life this month with the OG layered casserole, lasagna! But not just any lasagna, a lasagna that proves that you’re not hesitating to change things up, make new connections, and have a little fun along the way… I’m talking about Greek Salad Lasagna.  

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