Marinara is well and fine for the average pasta dinner, but when it’s time to feel decadent, there’s no better sauce to turn to than Alfredo. The creamy, peppery, garlicky sauce is a great way to finish off nearly any Italian dish, and works well whether you’re cooking up fettuccine or planning to make a lasagna. And while we very much encourage you to try making your own Alfredo sauce at home, some nights you just need a shortcut that will help you put together a quick, but delicious dinner. That’s why we decided to try six jarred versions of Alfredo, all available in stores or online. Here are our rankings, from best to worst.

Best Overall
Bertolli’s Creamy Basil Alfredo with Aged Parmesan Cheese ($2.69 for 15 oz)


Bertolli’s Alfredo, besides having a good balance between salty and creamy, is packed with basil flavor. It’s not too strong of an Alfredo for those who prefer milder tasting sauces, but it definitely packs better flavor than some brands we tried. Besides that, it’s one of the cheapest on our list. If you happen to see it in stores, feel free to stock up.

Sonoma Gourmet’s Creamy Spinach Alfredo ($3.99 for 13.5 oz)


This Alfredo is a bit on the pricey side, but if you love spinach and artichoke-themed foods, then you’ll love this sauce. This Alfredo is also a bit thicker than the others, so it takes on more of a homemade-feel. Definitely worth grabbing if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

Best Basic Alfredos
Prego’s Homestyle Alfredo ($3.69 for 14.5 oz) and Signature Select’s Alfredo Pasta Sauce ($2.99 for 15 oz)


Both of these sauces are very basic versions of our favorite white pasta topper. Prego’s offering has more garlic flavor, while Safeway’s generic is slightly on the sweet side. Depending on which kind of taste you prefer, either would go great on your noodles.

Not Our Favorites
Ragu’s Roasted Garlic Parmesan Alfredo ($3.28 for 16 oz) and Classico’s Creamy Alfredo ($3.59 for 15 oz)


Imagine cheap queso dip with garlic flavoring and you’ll have these two sauces pretty much summed up. The taste of fake cheese is strong in both brands, and overwhelms any more pleasant flavors you might find. Unless you’re particularly nostalgic for the taste of bad Alfredo, feel free to keep moving.


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