Frozen breakfast burritos are hardly fancy fare. Often, they’re associated with late-night work sessions and tide-over meals grabbed from the local corner store. But when it comes to cheap, easy breakfasts that can be grabbed on the go, there’s hardly a better option than a delicious, hot burrito. And now, many companies are starting to make their own, healthier versions of breakfast burritos. It’s easier than ever to find a burrito with a bit more substance nestled next to the frozen pizzas. That’s why we decided to try five brands of breakfast burritos available online or in grocery stores. Here’s our rankings, from best to worst.

Best Overall
Sweet Earth Natural Foods Baja Breakfast Burrito ($2.99)


We’ve seen plenty of claims from vegetarian companies about alternative meats that are good enough to pass for the real thing, but we’ve rarely tasted anything that meets that challenge. Maybe it’s just because frozen burrito sausage tends to blend into the other ingredients, but Sweet Earth’s seitan serves pretty well as a chorizo replacement. It’s also fairly large, so it should keep you full throughout the morning. This burrito is on the spicy side, however, so be sure you like a bit of heat with your breakfast before picking this one up.

Best Vegan Burrito
Amy’s Gluten Free Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap ($3.39)


Amy’s tofu scramble wrap is honestly one of the best frozen breakfasts we’ve had in a while. The soft tofu in the burrito makes for a great egg replacement, and the vegetables are well seasoned and taste as if they’ve been sauteed. It’s not a very big burrito, so the price is a little high for everyday eating. But it still gets our vote in the flavor department.

Best Budget Burrito
El Monterey’s Egg, Sausage & Cheese Burrito ($7.99 for 8)


Of all the frozen burritos that we tried, these tasted the most like the kind of junk food you’d expect from your local gas station. There’s a certain appeal to that though — sometimes you just want a very classic frozen burrito. At a $1 a burrito, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. Keep a few in your freezer for those days when you just need some nice comfort food.

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Not Our Favorites
Smart Ones’s Breakfast Wrap with Egg, Sausage & Cheese ($2 for 4)


As far as diet burritos go, these are fine. Not great, but fine. But they don’t have a lot of flavor, they’re about the size of a small egg roll, and they won’t keep you full. If you’re gonna be hungry an hour later anyway, you might as well eat a burrito that’s a bit more substantial.

Evol’s Egg & Green Chile Burrito ($2.79)


Supposedly there’s green chile in this one, but we’re not sure we believe Evol on this claim. The burrito mostly just tasted like potato. We didn’t really even get any egg or cheese flavor. Especially since this burrito is only a hair cheaper than our top pick, it’s definitely worth your time to try another variety.



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