Tortilla Chips Tout

We need to talk about how much we love tortilla chips. They’re the unassuming heroes of Taco Tuesday and nacho night, an always acceptable late night craving quencher, and the glue that holds virtually any hodge-podge appetizer spread together. 

They truly don’t get the credit they deserve—and this is an oversight we want to correct. 

That’s why we decided to find the best easily accessible tortilla chips money can buy. You’re welcome. 

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Of the 11 varieties we tried (Santitas, Beanitos, Greenwise, Late July, Mission, two types of Trader Joe’s chips, and four types of Tostitos chips), there weren’t any clear losers. They were all perfectly fine takes on your standard tortilla chip, and we’d be happy to snack on any of them. 

However, there was one clear winner. 

Best All-Around: 

Tostitos Original Restaurant-Style Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Original

Price: $4.29 (party size)

There’s a reason Tostitos is pretty much the grocery store tortilla chip brand: It’s universally appealing. Our tasters said these chips had “the perfect taste and texture” and “the closest you’ll get to restaurant-style outside of a restaurant.” 

They weren’t too greasy, too salty, or too bland—everything about these dip-worthy chips was just right. 

Hats off to you, Tostitos. 

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GreenWise White Corn Tortilla Chips

GreenWise Tortilla Chips

Price: $2.99

It’s rare that Publix’s GreenWise line misses the mark, and these tortilla chips are no exception. We love how their saltiness isn’t overpowering, which allows the corn’s natural flavor to shine through. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Santitas Tortilla Chips


Price: $2.29

While we probably wouldn’t reach for these to pair with salsa or guac, these sturdy chips would be absolutely perfect for nachos. Santitas is certainly heavy on the salt, so you might want to avoid these if you’re watching your sodium intake. 

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Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Hint of Lime

Price: $4.29 (party size)

I was hesitant to even include these flavored chips in the lineup, but I’m glad I did. Our testers loved the added zing, and one called the lime a “serious upgrade.” 

If you’re not into citrus, you probably won’t love these. If you can’t get enough lime in your diet, though, you’ll definitely want to pick these up on your next grocery store run.

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