Walmart Has a Hidden Section Filled With Kitchen Appliances

If you want to get more use out of your kitchen, it shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed. Instead, it should be filled with items that inspire you. Do you have cookbooks that make you smile? Have you invested in tools that help organize the inside of your drawers? Last, but certainly not least: Are your kitchen appliances as fun as they are functional? If you answered no to that last question, you’re likely in a kitchen rut (Marie Kondo would ask if these items spark joy, you’d answer no, you get it). However, ruts can be beaten, if only with a bit of inspiration. And a great place to get inspired lies within the pages of Walmart’s online hub, in a hidden section that’s filled with fun (yes, fun!) appliances that will not only spark joy, but also amp up your creativity in the kitchen.

This hub of wonders has everything you never knew you needed: a retro-looking hot dog toaster that perfectly roasts two hot dogs and two buns at once, a snow cone machine that shaves ice into super fine chunks for a melt-in-your-mouth snow cone, and the cutest quesadilla maker that even has Ellen DeGeneres’ stamp of approval. In this section, you’ll also find a top-rated and affordable bread machine that shoppers say makes the perfect loaf every time and an electric fondue pot that melts everything from cheese to chocolate into the perfect gooey consistency.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why on Earth would I add another thing to my kitchen?” I get it—clutter is both my enemy and deepest fear—but these items are different from the random extra coffee maker or mixer you were gifted years ago. These items are actually useful and will help you and your loved ones have fun and make memories. They can be pulled out for happy hours, movie nights, birthday parties, or neighborhood cookouts. Plus, they all make really yummy foods. In fact, I’m craving a hot dog with a quesadilla appetizer and a snow cone dessert as I write this. Now get shopping!

To buy: $20;

To buy: $46 (was $60);

To buy: $17 (was $22);

To buy: $54 (was $60);

To buy: $16 (was $30);

To buy: $70;

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