Name a kid-friendly dessert and there’s probably a unicorn variation of it. There’s unicorn Funfetti mix, unicorn Hostess Cupcakes, unicorn ice cream, and microwaveable unicorn cake cups. Unicorns refuse to quit, even though it looks like llamas are giving them a run for their money. So after conquering one food group, dessert, it’s only natural that unicorns expand to whatever snacks possible. And that is exactly how we got to unicorn dairy.

Ever-observant Instagrammer @CandyHunting has found the latest unicorn iteration, Unicorn Go-Gurt. But maybe that pairing isn’t too weird, since Go-Gurt sticks are long and skinny like horns, and I’m sure some kid has pretended to be a mystical creature while holding a Go-Gurt tube to their forehead.


Oh boy! More unicorns! The new Unicorn Go-Gurt has Strawberry Banana Sparkle and Raspberry & Rainbows flavors. These flavors already exist together in boxes without a brightly colored unicorn on the front. Found the Go-Gurt atPete's Fresh Market in the Chicago suburbs.

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The Unicorn Go-Gurt boxed pack contains two flavors, Strawberry Banana Sparkle and Raspberry & Rainbows. @CandyHunting points out that Strawberry Banana and Raspberry Go-Gurt already coexists in boxes without unicorns, so Unicorn Go-Gurt appears to be a clever renaming and repackaging deal. Hey, whatever works. Find it at major retailers including Walmart, Kroger, Winn Dixie, Safeway, and more.

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