Imaginative Brits have shared the top 10 dishes from fantasy worlds that they would love to try – with nearly half (43 percent) voting for Willy Wonka’s chocolate bars, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The sweet treat, created by author Roald Dahl, came out ahead of a tantalising hot chocolate, from 2004 Christmas film, The Polar Express (37 percent), and Homer Simpson’s favourite, the Krusty Burger, from The Simpsons (32 percent).

Other popular fantasy dishes that leave Brits curious include Alice in Wonderland’s “Eat Me” cookies (27 percent), the Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants (26 percent) – and even Scooby Doo’s Scooby Snacks (24 percent).

In fact, a poll of 2,000 adults revealed that more than three-quarters (77 percent) have longed to sample some food or drink they have seen in a movie, TV show, game, or book.

And 83 percent reckon it would be fun to try new dishes based on make-believe worlds.

Now, thanks to celebrity chef, Adam Handling, these fantastical appetites can finally be satisfied – as he has come up with two recipes straight out of role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.

The Michelin star cook, who was recently crowned “Champion of Champions” on BBC’s Great British Menu, has worked out how home cooks can magic up D&D’s “Quippers and Chips”, as well as the game’s famous Vegetable Platter.

His new recipes mark the launch of new boardgame, Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal, from the franchise’s publishers, Avalon Hill.

And fans of the game might wonder how Handling could make Quippers – carnivorous fish with sharp teeth, that like to gather in swarms in the role-play game – in any way appetising.

But the Dundee-born chef, whose flagship Michelin-starred restaurant, Frog, can be found in London’s Covent Garden, has hot fantasy cooking form.

He triumphed on the Great British Menu after creating a “Food Fight” pudding with throwable custard and smashable cake, inspired by The Beano comic.

His Quippers are made from fish covered in a tasty beer batter, while the Vegetable Platter features orzo – a type of pasta shaped like large grains of rice – as well as tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Sara Westby, from Hasbro UK, said: “The Dungeons & Dragons universe is rich in lore and wonder, and the new Yawning Portal boardgame seamlessly blends the fantasy franchise with exceptional boardgame gameplay.”

Adam devised his new, D&D inspired recipes after the research, commissioned to mark the launch of Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal, revealed over half of 18-42-year-olds (54 percent) have already tried grub from a fictional land.

And it seems that older Brits are getting on board with the trend, too – although the poll also revealed the top fantasy foods that Brits would avoid.

More than a third (36 percent) would turn their nose up at Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, while 32 percent would avoid “The Grey Stuff”, from Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast.

And 31 percent would never want to taste Slurm from animated show, Futurama.

However, Adam Handling’s new recipes are bound to go down well with players of Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal, who take on the role of the tavern’s innkeeper, and feed hungry adventurers by matching food tokens with hero cards.

Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal boardgame is available to purchase now from Amazon and other boardgame retailers. You can find the Yawning Portal inspired recipes on Adam Handling’s Instagram.

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