Tortilla chef explains how to tell if an avocado is ripe

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Smashed avocado is perfect on toast or as part of a guacamole dip – both of which are easy to make but, while cooking with avocadoes is easy to do, dicing the creamy flesh of the fruit isn’t always as simple. Cooking experts have shared a simple hack to quickly dice avocados – and you don’t even need a knife.

Slicing avocadoes around the slippery stone can be incredibly difficult to do, not to mention dangerous when using a sharp knife.

However, according to Food Network star Rachael Ray, there is an easy way to do it using another, safer kitchen tool.

The cooking expert recommended swapping a knife for a large cooling rack to quickly dice up the creamy flesh.

Not only is this clever hack much less messy, but also “time saving”, as it allows you to cut up several fruits at a time.

How to quickly dice an avocado

First, halve your ripe avocado and remove the pit to reveal the large dip in the middle.

Place a large, grid-pattern cooling rack over a bowl to catch the diced sections.

Position the avocadoes cut-side-down on the rack with the rubbery skin still intact.

Using the palm of your hand, press the avocado flesh through the rack with some force.

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According to an expert at the, the dark, rubbery skin should stay on top of the rack while the flesh falls into the bowl.

If you notice some of the fruit getting stuck in the skin, simply slide it off with a little pressure to release the creamy chunks.

The end result should leave you with a full bowl of evenly-sized cubes ready for serving.

Some of the flesh may be slightly mashed, though this is perfect for use in smashed avocado recipes or smooth guacamole.

To dice two avocadoes at once, simply place one under each palm.

Several fruits can be sliced in one go by using a chopping board laid flat over the fruits and pressed down.

You will need a larger bowl to catch the green chunks as they squeeze through the gaps.

It’s not just avocadoes that can be cut this way. Other soft fruits – particularly bananas, are also well-suited to this hack.

How to store mashed avocado

Preventing whole avocados from turning brown is easily done in a container full of water, though keeping mashed fruits fresh requires a different technique.

One of the easiest ways to prolong the shelf-life of mashed avocado is to squeeze fresh citrus fruit juice over the creamy green mixture.

Lemon or lime juice is best for keeping mashed avocados fresher for longer.

This will work for at least 1-2 days if kept covered in the fridge.

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