As far as I can tell, moms are superheros who draw their strength from some combination of wine and coffee. Sometimes, however, motherhood can be such a handful that even a large coffee isn’t enough to make it through long days of shuttling kids around, diffusing tantrums, and attending to everything else that comes with having kids.

Luckily, a nice Canadian doughnut chain has come up with a way to help moms out, raising the stakes for other chains when it comes to both giveaways and coffee sizes. To celebrate Mother’s Day, Tim Hortons is giving a “Mom-sized” versions of its premium blend iced coffee. In this case, Mom-sized is equal to 52 fluid ounces of iced coffee. In a press release, Tim Hortons says it “holds nearly enough coffee to fill one of our famous pots,” describing the Mom-sized cup as “the largest size currently offered by a renowned major coffee chain in the U.S.”

This shoutout to moms on their special day isn’t a very restrictive giveaway, either. You don’t have to roll up to Tim Hortons with a birth certificate, family photos, or a bunch of screaming children in tow. “Moms can simply visit their nearest participating Tim Hortons and when asked what sized iced coffee they would like, all they have to say is Mom-sized’.” Even dog moms, and presumably cat ladies, are eligible while supplies last.

Unfortunately for Canadian moms hoping to chug an astounding 1.53 liters of coffee, the deal is limited to Timmy’s locations in Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, Toledo, and New York City on Mother’s Day only, limit one per person. Hopefully sometime shortly thereafter, Tim Hortons will come to their senses and realize that selling this much coffee in one cup is a stroke of genius that should be available to everyone at all times.


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