For a long time, our neighbors to the north have enjoyed the bounteous gifts of Tim Horton’s, a Canadian coffee chain that makes Dunkin’ look weak by comparison. While their Timbits are considered special by any self-respecting Canuck, Timmy’s isn’t above mixing it up and adding in some unexpected flavors.

To that end, Tim Hortons will soon offer a range of Kit Kat related treats, that fuse caffeine with the candy that gives you a sweet, sweet break. Among them are a Kit Kat Hot Chocolate, Kit Kat Latte, and a Kit Kat Iced Capp, each offering a unique way to smuggle chocolate wafer candy into your coffee or coffee-adjacent beverage of choice.

A Tim Hortons press release describes the Kit-Kat Iced Capp as “made with our signature base and cream, with chocolate wafer syrup and topped with Kit Kat crumbles.” The Kit Kat latte marries “decadent espresso” combined with chocolate wafer syrup and more of those Kit Kat crumbles. And finally, the Kit Kat Hot Chocolate sounds like hot chocolate mixed with more chocolate wafer syrup and Kit Kat crumble. For better or worse, it doesn’t seem like there’s any cinnamon in these Kit Kat-themed drinks.

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Mixing coffee and candy is hardly anything new when it comes to big chains. In fact, it almost feels like Tim Hortons is trying to keep pace with Dunkin’ in a never-ending arms race. Dunkin’ has introduced a variety of candy-coated coffee options, including their own Kit Kat-flavored Coolatta.

Still, credit to Tim Hortons for dropping these beverages at the beginning of October to coincide with Halloween, the one month of the year it’s socially acceptable to put candy in your coffee. So if you want to get your hands on some limited-edition, wafery drinks, make a pilgrimage to one of the 12 US states that have a Tim Hortons, or just move to Canada.  

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