The impending arrival of Labor Day weekend is the signal to most of us that summer is all but over. That means less time spent around a campfire as the weather cools, which in turn reduces the likelihood of encountering any s’mores. 

Luckily, the end of the summer doesn't have to mean the end of gorging yourself on s’mores. Why? Because Aldi is selling a gigantic “S’mores Jumbo Cookie Kit” that looks like the kind of thing dessert dreams are made of. And when I say it’s gigantic, I mean it: this thing supposedly has 16 servings, making it a perfect option for people without access to a backyard who nonetheless want to feel like they’re at a summer camp.

Alexa enjoyed making the #Smores Jumbo Cookie Kit from the @aisleofshame at @aldiusa !? ? #smorescookies #aldifinds #aldifindsoftheweek #aldiusa #aldinerd

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Made by In The Mix by Brand Castle, it naturally features everything you’d want from both a s’more and a cookie. That includes your standard graham cracker mix, generous portions of chocolate chunks, and a giant heap of marshmallows over the top. Think of it like a giant, delicious dessert pizza that you may or may not be able to eat entirely by yourself. 

Of course, this thing isn’t ready to go right away. You’ll need to mix in eight tablespoons of butter and 3 tablespoons of water with the cookie mix. Then you’ll bake the cookie for 12 minutes, adding the chocolate and marshmallows on top, letting that all bake for another few minutes. So it isn’t too complicated, but you get to feel like you actually baked something that tastes good. That’s a win-win. 

The only bad news about this thing is that it’s only available in Aldi stores for a limited time, allegedly only through August 27th. But even if you can’t find one on store shelves, hopefully its mere existence inspires you to dream big and bake a massive s’more cookie of your own someday. Finding 15 friends to share it with is optional. 



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