Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray, Dish Soap

Washing dishes is at best fine, and at worst unbearable. Like many New Yorkers, I don’t have a dishwasher in my tiny kitchen, and so anything that I cook with, eat on, or otherwise encrust with peanut butter has to be washed by hand. Over many years of this being the case it has gone from annoying chore to second nature. It’s such that even when I’m in a setting where a dishwasher is part of the set-up, I usually reach for the sponge and dish soap to begin cleaning up first. 

But I am always on the hunt to make cleaning dishes a little more efficient, or barring that, at least slightly more interesting. I have cycled through a variety of sponges and cleaning cloths, ultimately ending up sticking to the trusty green-and-yellow Scotch Brite sponges I grew up with. Still, I’m a sucker for a novelty in the world of dish soaps and sponges, which is why when Dawn rolled out their new Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray, I was intrigued.

Let’s get this out of the way: Is this product, essentially, just Dawn dish soap in a compact spray bottle rather than a squeeze bottle? Reader, I’m pretty sure it is. Dawn claims that the “spray-activated” dish soap in the bottle creates suds that “work on contact to break down and lift away soils without water.” I’m no dish soap scientist, but it seems to me that it’s not that much different than the Dawn soap I usually buy, although it’s probably more comparable to the “Dawn Ultra” line of soaps, cleaning agents that seem to have the same hyperbolic descriptors as Marvel superhero movies.

Nonetheless, the Powerwash is extremely pleasing to use. Spraying an amount of soap over the surface of a dirty dish allows you to target places that really need attention, rather than the usual method of applying soap to the general area using a sponge. I found it particularly nice when I needed to clean the bottom of a Dutch oven that had gotten some crusty bits on the bottom while I was making dinner. I used the Powerwash to spray the places that needed de-crustification, let it chill out in the sink for a little while as I did my other tidying up, and then used a sponge to swipe away the more stubborn hardened food. 

I’m not going to tell you that it has solved all my problems, but the Powerwash has at least made the task of doing the dishes slightly less of a bother which, aside from an apartment with an actual dishwasher, is all that I ask for. And at $4.99 for a bottle, it’s in the same range as the usual soap I get, so why not grab something that makes chores slightly more satisfying.

To buy: Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray, $4.99 at amazon.com or walmart.com

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