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Usually, the carb options at a hotel are confined to the meager and unappealing pastry options at the continental breakfast. But what if I told you there was a magical hotel room where you could feast on all manner of bread-based treats without even getting out of bed?

Well, dream no more, because has put together a special “Bread & Breakfast” suite, a carb-craver’s dream and a keto dieter’s worst nightmare. From January 17 through the end of the month, Manhattan’s Refinery Hotel will host the pop-up suite, where guests will come hungry and leave happy.

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From the look of it, this hotel suite was designed to keep delicious, decadent carbs within arm’s reach no matter where in the room you post up in your complimentary “Carbivore” robe. There are bagels on the wall, doughnuts on the nightstand and in the shower(?!), and pastries placed on practically every conceivable surface. The bread won’t go stale, as new treats are swapped in daily, letting you luxuriate in that beautiful bakery smell for the duration of your stay. As if that isn’t enough, guests also get a $100 credit for room service, which features other foods suited for a suite like this.

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Naturally, the love of all things bakery-based extends to the room’s decor as well. The headboard of the bed looks like a piece of toast, and the pillows look like pastries, doughnuts, and waffles. The curtains depicts a pretzel print, there are croissants on the wallpaper, and even the bathroom soap is designed to resemble biscuits and butter. Just try not to confuse them with any of the real food in your vicinity.

The best part is that you don’t have to win any sort of bake-off to book the suite. You just have to book it through for $225 a night, which honestly isn’t that ridiculous for a hotel near midtown Manhattan even before you factor in all the tasty treats that’ll have you wanting to stay in the room all day. Just don’t invite that one friend who always talks about how they can’t eat gluten.



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