Which State Sells the Cheapest Case of Beer?

If you bought beer from Wisconsin lately, you might want to double check that all the bottles are still intact. Lakefront Brewery, a Milwaukee-based beer maker, issued a recall yesterday after one of its beers was fouund to have a risk of explosion. The beer, My Turn Junk, is a kettle sour made with cherries and sakura, and Lakefront is advising people who bought it to carefully dispose of it or refrigerate the brew.

In a Facebook post, Andrew Jungwirth, who developed the rrecipe for the beer, wrote, "The beer is still delicious and 100% safe to drink, Lakefront just can’t allow it to remain on the market due to the potential liability of volatility."

Why the risk of explosion? It sounds scary, but it's all pretty natural, actually. The cherries in the brew release a small amount of wild yeast, the kind that's around everywhere and helps things like sourdough starter work. But in a bottle that's left in a warrm spot, the wild yeast could ferment a build up pressure, resulting in the bottles exploding. 

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The worry is mostly for beers that are left out in the sun or stored at warm temperatures—in the refrigerator, yeast slows down, and so the risk of is causing an explosion is minimized. Still, if you want to be careful, it's probably best to dispose of the beer sooner rather than later. Per The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, customers who want a refund can take a photo of the bottle's back label and send it to  [email protected], along with an address, by October first. But really, the method of disposal we'd advise is just drinking the beer. It sounds tasty. 

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