Thanks to a shipping mistake a few summers ago, I got a giant box filled with a dozen of these Silicone Utensil Rests. I hadn’t even ordered one, let alone 12! The company let me keep them and I set one aside for myself and passed the rest out to friends and neighbors. (You get a spoon rest! And you get a spoon rest!) Turns out, this is the best happy accident to have ever happened to me (and my friends).

It’s just a simple piece of silicone, with four little notches, to hold spoons, tongs, and other utensils, but it makes such a difference. While a spoon rest (any spoon rest) is a good idea, this one is especially great because it can hold up to four utensils at once and it can keep each utensil head perpendicular to the counter. This means a few things. For starters, you have a place to put utensils when you’re not using them and you won’t make a mess on your kitchen counter or stovetop. It also means that you can rest, say, your saucy wooden spoon and your goopy spatula at the same time and the two heads will never touch.

I briefly thought about swapping this one out for a prettier, handmade ceramic option, but I’m just not willing to sacrifice the extra functionality that this one offers. (These ceramic ones sure look nice, but they usually only have room for one tool at a time.) And all of my friends report that they still love theirs, too.

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If anyone at my local post office is reading this, I welcome any and all errant packages that are not meant for me! Who knows what else could turn up!

Do you use a spoon rest when you cook?

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