You're not alone if you dread grocery shopping—research from The American Customer Satisfaction Index shows there's been a dip in customer satisfaction at most food retailers over the last two years. The American Customer Satisfaction Index surveyed more than 85,000 consumers to determine the best—and worst—grocery stores in the country for 2020.

Grocers were scored on various factors that can impact the customer shopping experience such ashours, store location, cleanliness, store layout, quality of meat and produce, the ability to provide name-brand products and reliability of the grocer's app. This year's report shows there are a few food retailers that stand out from the pack in 2020, with three tying for first place as the most enjoyable places to grocery shop.

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Trader Joe's, Wegmans and H.E.B. tied for first place this year, scoring 84 out of 100 on the Customer Satisfaction Index. Trader Joe's was the sole first place winner last year, but customer satisfaction dropped 2% since 2019. Wegmans also took a dip in customer satisfaction, dropping 1%, while H.E.B. saw a 2% increase in customer satisfaction from last year.

"While it no longer holds this position alone, Trader Joe's remains a pacesetter across much of the customer experience and a leader for its quality of service," the report says. "Wegmans, with a focus on local markets, wins top marks for the quality of its meat and produce."

H.E.B. is found exclusively in Texas, so for it to earn a first place ranking is pretty impressive. The grocery chain has grown to have a cult following, and customers can't get enough of the grocer's sauces, tortillas and Texas-shaped foods.

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Aldi, Costco and Publix tied for second place with a score of 83. Costco maintained its score from last year, while Aldi and Publix both fell 1% in customer satisfaction. The report notes that Publix has long been a top-tier supermarket, earning top marks for cleanliness and store layout. BJ's saw the highest increase in customer satisfaction this year, increasing by 4% to 82, taking the third place spot.

Other notable scores are Sam's Club at an unchanged score of 80. Whole Foods, Target and Kroger—the largest grocer in the U.S.—tied with a score of 79, and Walmart maintaining its last -place spot at 73 (although customer satisfaction did increase by 1% this year). You can check out the full list, here.

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