Gordon Ramsay reveals how to make perfect scrambled eggs

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Foodie influencer Bartek Michalski shares his delicious recipes on the TikTok account @letsmunch. He has a huge 798.8K followers on the app, where he has amassed 13.6M “likes”.

He recently put these culinary skills to work when it comes to a breakfast staple, scrambled eggs.

Bartek claimed this is “the only way you should be making scrambled eggs”. The recipe has had 2.4 million likes on the app.

The content creator went as far as to claim Gordon Ramsey “has no clue” when it comes to making the eggs, despite the famous TV chef’s recipe going viral.

The chef uses two eggs and a saucepan to create his eggs. So, how does he do it?

Bartek’s scrambled eggs recipe

“We’re going to crack these into a pot,” Bartek says, removing some stray eggshells.

He goes on: “Add some butter and then grab your weapon of choice. In this case, you want to use a rubber spatula. Mix your eggs well, then you want to place them on a medium-high heat and scrape like so.”

He demonstrates how he creates his scramble, by frequently pulling the outside of the egg mixture into the middle of the plan.

The TikTok cook made quite the statement as he dismissed Michellin-starred chef Gordon Ramsey’s scrambled egg recipe.

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“None of that on the heat, off the heat, on the heat, off the heat that Gordon Ramsey talks about. He has no clue.

“Just make sure you are scraping constantly but not too fast because you still want the eggs to have a little bit of texture.

“Take them off the heat a little bit before they are done because they are going to carry on cooking and then season with salt.”

If you don’t fancy scrambled eggs, one chef claims to have found the perfect poached eggs recipe after testing out more than 10 methods. 

Winner of Netflix’s Crazy Delicious, Samira Kazan said: “I tried more than 10 methods to make the perfect poached eggs and this is the most stable one.”

Samira puts a hot temperature-safe cup into the water and pours the egg into the cup.

Then, the egg cooks in the cup perfectly. Once cooked, she removes the bowl carefully with a strainer and then tips it gently onto a paper towel to dry.

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