As every barbecue enthusiast knows, half of the game is in the sauce. This summer, countless Southerners will set out on pilgramages to get their fingers on some of the best 'cue America has to offer. But for those staying home, what kind of sauce recipes are they searching for to slather over their meal?

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July weekend, Google looked at the top searched for barbecue sauce recipes by state. Some of the results on their so-called "United States of Sauces" map may not surprise you — like Alabama searching for white BBQ sauce and North Carolina searching for vinegar BBQ sauce — but others may throw you for a loop. (Florida and guava BBQ sauce, here's to you.)

In the South, white BBQ sauce and vinegar BBQ sauce were overwhelmingly among the most popular choices in the region, with the curveball of homemade BBQ sauce being the most uniquely searched for in the neighboring states of Kentucky and West Virginia. Meanwhile, over in Texas, searches for no-sugar bbq sauces were sky-high, and next door in Oklahoma, it was all about the honey BBQ sauce.

Overall, white BBQ sauce ranked in first for six states, with Alabama BBQ sauce securing that honor for Indiana, bringing the total tally up to seven states for team white BBQ sauce. Meanwhile, three states uniquely searched for vinegar BBQ sauce the most, and four more for Carolina, bringing the count up to seven states on the Carolina vinegar-based BBQ sauce front. Guess we'll have to call it even, folks.

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So what sauce is numero uno in your home state? Are you surprised by the results? And Missouri and Virginia, what's with the keto obsession?

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