31 days, 31 vegetables. Will you take our challenge to eat every single one this month?

If you took a challenge to eat a different vegetable every day for a month, would you make one of them a potato? I would! Potatoes are vegetables through and through, so fabulous on almost every level, and they’re not just for mash and fries. Here are some facts about potatoes you may or may not know, and all of our favorite ways to bake and cook potatoes plus some fabulous recipes to help you enjoy the spud of glory.

Is the Potato a Vegetable?

Why yes it is, from a botanical standpoint, and to be frank: rather more nutritious in its fiber and vitamin content than it is sometimes given credit for. Our penchant for eating potatoes souped up with fat, like in French fries, potato chips, and other treats, has often led to people looking at potatoes like an indulgence or a starch vs. a vegetable. But a potato is indeed a vegetable and when treated right, can be a really amazing and wholesome part of your eating.

The Potato Top 5

Five great little links for people who love potatoes.

How Long to Bake a Potato in the Oven or Microwave

Want a baked potato fast? Here’s how to cook them:

  • Bake a potato in the oven: Bake a clean potato (poked with a fork first!) at 425°F for 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Bake a potato in the microwave: Cook a clean potato (poked with a fork first!) on HIGH power for 8 to 10 minutes, flipping halfway through and testing with a fork.

And oh while we’re here: Should you bake potatoes in foil or not? An investigation.

How to Cook Potatoes

The very best ways to cook potatoes.

  • How To Boil Potatoes
  • How To Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving
  • How To Make Hasselback Potatoes
  • How To Make Crash Hot Potatoes
  • How To Make the Best Classic Potato Salad
  • How To Make Scalloped Potatoes
  • How To Bake a Potato: Three Easy Methods
  • How To Bake a Potato in the Oven
  • How To Bake a Potato in the Microwave

How to Choose the Best Potatoes

Looking for the best potatoes for a particular dish? Here’s the breakdown of what to buy. But first:

  • A visual guide to potato varieties
  • The best potatoes for mashed potatoes: High-starch, like Russet or Katahdin
  • The best potatoes for potato salad: Waxy potatoes such as red potatoes.
  • The best potatoes for mashing, roasting, and baking

How to Store Potatoes

Potatoes should be stored in dark, cool places, but NOT the fridge! Also, potatoes shouldn’t actually be stored near onions (they’ll go bad faster). Here’s a little more on how and where to store potatoes to keep them fresh.

  • A Guide to Buying the Best Potatoes & Storing Them Well
  • The Best Way to Store Potatoes
  • How Can I Keep Potatoes from Sprouting So Fast?
  • Why You Should Never Store Potatoes in the Fridge

Potato Nutrition Facts

Potatoes are starchy vegetables relatively high in carbohydrates but still quite nutritious. A medium white potato (200g) has about 160 calories and 37 grams of carbs (32g net carbs). So potatoes are not very conducive to the low-carb or keto eating practices.

But for general nutritional balance, one medium white potato contains 25% of your daily recommended potassium. Also, get this: it contains about 70% (!) of your daily Vitamin C requirements. That’s almost as much as an orange!

Do Potatoes Have Gluten?

Nope. Potatoes are a starchy vegetable, not a grain. Potatoes have no gluten. They are completely gluten-free.

The Best Ways to Use Up Leftover Potatoes

Have leftover potatoes? Turn them into fries and freeze them!

Or quickly turn them into one of our most popular potato recipes;

  • Our Most Popular Potato Recipes of All Time

Our Top 20 Potato Recipes

What’s your favorite recipe or use for potatoes? Any favorite way to cook them?

31 Days of Vegetables: How to fall in love with vegetables in 31 days.How many of these splendid veg have you eaten this month? Take a look at the whole list and take our July challenge to eat every single one!

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