If summer means sangria season for you, here's some good news. Target is rolling out another addition to their collection of $5 wines with a new California Roots sangria, set to launch on May 20. The sangria comes in a standard wine bottle and has notes of "fresh berries and zesty citrus," according to a press release from the store. That means that you could be paying for your at-home happy hour sangria with the change collected from your cupholder, if you're lucky. 

Target got into the extremely affordable wine game back in 2017, when they officially launched their California Roots series. The retailer has been selling wine for a while in states where that's legal, and the California Roots series, a Target exclusive, was clearly aimed at customers who regularly enjoy a bottle of Trader Joe's famous Two-Buck Chuck. A Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Red Blend, Moscato, and Pinot Grigio were already available. As of now, about 80 percent of Target's retail locations are licensed to sell wine. 

Target's of course not the only retailer who has gotten into bargain wine. Last year, Walmart launched a line of $11 bottles under the "Winemakers Selection label" that has also seen some success. If bottled sangria isn't your bag, though, no worries—you can also make your own summer sangria with whatever wine you want. 


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