You don’t have to be an orange cartoon cat who hates Mondays to enjoy lasagna. Much like interesting people or good works of art, it takes time to appreciate a good lasagna and all of its tasty and intriguing layers. While that rewards a patient pasta maker or eater, sometimes you just want to shove some ‘sagn in your mouth without going through all that trouble.

Well, Stouffer’s has heard your prayers. One of the world’s foremost purveyors of frozen, microwavable pasta has come out with new “Classic Lasagna Bites” that offer all of the benefits of lasagna without requiring any of the hard work or fridge space. Featuring classic lasagna ingredients like a hearty meat sauce, melty mozzarella cheese and Italian herbs, this easy treat packages everything you need inside a bite-sized breaded ball of goodness.

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Obviously there’s no way to tell just yet how these things actually hold up as a real lasagna. But given that I personally consider Stouffer’s mac and cheese to be one of the better frozen food options around, you’ll at least consider finishing all 18 of the lasagna bites contained in each package in one sitting. Is this the kind of thing you’ll want to whip out when your Italian grandmother comes to visit? Definitely not. Are these things now the only way to really eat lasagna while multitasking without ruining your favorite shirt? Probably. Think of them akin to Totino’s pizza rolls, but for sophisticated adults.

If you simply must eat something bite sized but lasagna isn’t your thing, Stouffer’s is also bringing out Bacon White Cheddar Mac and Chicken Pot Pie bites. Expect to spot all three options in the freezer section at major retailers nationwide starting in July. Whether or not anyone will go through the trouble of making a traditional lasagna after that point remains to be seen. 

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