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Christmas has come and gone – the time of year when we can stuff ourselves with food and not feel guilty about it.

However, with so many festive desserts on offer, you are bound to have some leftovers.

But do not fear, as we have some tips for how you can properly store them to ensure they last a little longer.

That way, you can munch on your Christmas goodies well into the new year.

In fact, I am tucking into a mince pie as I write this – yum.

Christmas pudding

The Christmas pudding is a classic dessert, and many people spend months crafting and then feeding their babies to get them just right for the big day.

According to BBC Good Food, some unopened Christmas puddings, made with dried fruit in the traditional way, are fine to be eaten even two years after they were made.

But if you, your family, or your guests are unable to demolish the entire thing in one sitting, that is not a problem – just wait for it to cool down and wrap it up in cling film.

The pudding can then be put in the fridge, where it can last for up to two weeks, or you can pop it in the freezer, where it can keep for up to three months, so you could be tucking into a slice of Christmas pud well into March – nice!

How to store leftover yule log

For those of you who are not big fans of Christmas puddings, you may have whipped out a Yule log for dessert.

Chocolate can be very heavy, especially if you have just eaten a large meal beforehand.

So if you have leftovers, all you need to do is get out your trusty cling film, wrap it around your log, and put it in the freezer, where it can last for around three months.

When you take it out of the freezer, put it on a serving dish with a cake dome over it, leave it overnight to thaw, and then voila, it should be eaten within five days.

How long do mince pies keep?

If you love mince pies like I do and have baked your own, you may be wondering how long they keep.

Cooked pies can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to five days, or they can be frozen for up to three months and beyond. 

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