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Fans of the popular American coffeehouse Starbucks took to social media to share the times they got their name wrong at the coffee chain. A man explained on the online forum Reddit that he didn’t think “it would ever be possible” to get his name spelt wrong.

The man explained that he told the Starbucks barista his name was Tim. They asked “Jim?” and he said “No, with a T” so he got a coffee with the name “Jit” on it.

Another customer said that when he ordered a drink he said his name was Robin but specified it was written with a Y so the barista wrote “Yobin” on the cup.

A woman explained she had a similar experience when ordering her favourite caramel latte as she said her name was Karyn “with a Y” and the barista wrote “Kayen”.

A Starbucks ex-employee also took to the online platform Reddit to share his “favourite story from working” at the coffee shop: “My coworker wrote a woman’s name on a cup, ‘Litha’.

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“So the barista called out the name ‘Litha, Litha, I have a drink for Litha’. The lady was so mad. Her name was Lisa and she had a lisp.”

Many customers asked if Starbucks purposefully spells names wrong so people take a picture and advertise for them.

An online user opined this is a clever marketing tactic for the chain. “I’m 99 percent sure that’s what they do.

“Almost every time a friend of mine gets their name spelt wrong they post a picture to Twitter/Instagram, which they wouldn’t post otherwise. It’s smart as hell.”

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Another former Starbucks worker said many baristas suffer from long shifts and “when disgruntled, they look for ways to entertain themselves”.

A barista who also used to work at Starbucks claimed: “We’d do this on purpose just to entertain ourselves.”

On the online forum Mumsnet, a woman with the username @LionessRoar admitted that she always uses fake names at Starbucks.

She explained: “My fake name is always the same one and is in part because I don’t like my real name and feel this one fits me better.

“It also became a habit when people repeatedly misheard the name I was giving, so would always cause confusion when calling out this wrong name when my order was ready.”

Many other Starbucks customers admitted they also give fake names when ordering coffee with one woman saying that she picks random names.

“I very rarely give the same one. My own name is unusual and I don’t want to give Starbucks my name anyway.”

Another one explained she always does this and chooses a name she fancies for that day.

Social media user @London1066 added: “I always do this too and pick a name that’s ridiculously difficult to spell, but they would never ask as it would be offensive. They always guess.”

Starbucks explained: “Taking a customer’s name, writing it on a cup and calling it out is a symbol of our warm welcome.

“It is part of the Starbucks experience and creates a moment of connection between our baristas and customers.”

The chain added that “since the beginnings”, Starbucks has continued to work towards creating “a warm and inclusive” space where members of the community “can gather, feel welcomed and experience a deep sense of connection”.

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