Obviously, 2020 has been an unprecedentedly painful and weird year for most restaurants. The pandemic and its social distancing requirements forced so many spots to adjust their policy and procedures on the fly, forcing even Michelin-Starred restaurants to adopt things like curbside pickup in order to stay afloat.

If there’s one (non-pizza) fast food chain whose business model positioned it to survive— maybe even thrive— at a time like this, it’s Sonic. Though their drive-in concept might be regarded as something of a novelty under normal circumstances, it’s probably one of the more perfect ways to “dine out” at a time like this with minimal risk.

In case you were somehow on the fence about visiting a Sonic but can be swayed by the prospect of limited-edition drinkable dessert, you might want to know about their new Lemonberry Slush Float, which fuses fruits and ways of consuming a slush into one concise package.

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The first ingredient in this drive-in drink is a layer of Sonic’s existing Frozen Lemonade Slush, followed by “100 percent Real Ice Cream” (their words, not mine) and a layer of real strawberries up top to seal the deal. The end result is a red, white, and yellow concoction that takes the best elements of a lemonade and ice cream. Essentially, it’s everything you could possibly want out of a sugary summertime treat.

Just as long days and warmer weather are fleeting, so too is the Lemonberry Slush Float’s presence on the Sonic menu. It’ll be available nationwide through at least August 2, but what happens after that remains to be seen. It’s safe to say pretty much nothing about this year has gone to plan. Maybe in this case, Sonic can change its mind and have this thing stick around a little bit longer.



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