spoke exclusively to the experts at Tupperware on how best to store lettuce.

The plastic pot brand has created a new range called FridgeSmart which is said to not only organise your fridge, but prolong the shelf life of produce by controlling the amount of air it recieves with a flick of a switch.

Instead of keeping lettuce in the plastic bag it’s sold in, remove it and “add it straight to the container”.

The experts explained: “Each FridgeSmart container has an easy-read diagram printed directly on the container showing which vent setting to use for different common fruits and vegetables.

“The Tupperware containers divide fruits and vegetables into different categories: high breathers, medium breathers and low breathers – eg how much air the item needs. Lettuce is classed as medium breathers, for this, you slide the vent switch to the half open side (indicated by the half-moon symbol).

“Romaine or Baby Gem lettuces are best stored with the vent set to closed (indicated by the full circle symbol).

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“Set the switch to the setting corresponding to the diagram on the container depending on what you’re storing,” the experts added.

As for whether the lettuc needs to be washed and dried before adding into the container, it’s “recommended that you do not wash lettuce or any fruit and veg before storing it in FridgeSmart” as the “excess water can cause unnecessary moisture, which can affect how long your food lasts”.

“The FridgeSmart system regulates moisture levels to keep your food fresher for longer, so just wash when you’re ready to eat,” the experts advised.

Some storage hacks suggest placing fruits and vegetables on a sheet of paper towel and then into a plastic container, but “there is no need” when using these specific containers as they are “designed with Atmosphere Controlled Environment technology which keeps the lettuce fresh without any other packaging or kitchen paper alongside the produce”.

As for how long someone can expect the lettuce to stay fresh and crisp if stored in one of these boxes versus its original packaging, Tupperware said “the FridgeSmart containers keep the lettuce fresher for at least six days longer than usual storage methods, if all instructions are followed correctly”.

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According to Food Network, lettuce can last seven to 10 days before going bad. But if using a FridgeSmart container, it can last over two weeks.

Tupperware also recommends storing lettuce “alongside other vegetables that are also medium breathers. These include string beans, snap beans, any type of fresh beans, cauliflower, herbs, shallots, cabbage, green onions, fresh greens and leeks. Medium-breather fruits include pears, peppers, oranges, lemons, limes and apples”.

As for how well these containers work, they have recieved a 4.6 out of five-stars on Amazon.

One said: “This thing really works. They are expensive, but the best. I suggest you really determine which size(s) you need prior to ordering. They do take up a lot of room in the refrigerator so that’s why you want to be careful which one you buy. But if you want to maintain freshness, this is the ticket.”

“These are AMAZING! I read a lot of really positive reviews before buying these, and let me tell you – they 100 percent live up to the hype,” another wrote.

A third added: “These containers really do keep fruit and vegetables longer. I highly recommend!!”

Tupperware’s FridgeSmart three-piece starter kit is currently on offer for £39.99 at Tupperwaredirect.

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