Avocado spread across two pieces of toast plus a little seasoning goes down an absolute treat at breakfast or brunch.

However, because the fruit is so deliciously decadent, half an avocado is ususually enough for one person, and the other half is left behind.

Despite our best efforts, is it oftentimes hard to stop an unused avocado half going brown.

But Avocados From Mexico has kindly provided a guide on how avo lovers can preserve an unused half so you can “enjoy the fresh deliciousness throughout the week”.

Following these tips should save avocado lovers a lot of money as you won’t have to go out and buy a new avocado every time you slice one open.

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Firstly, cut open the avocado and take out the pit. Straight away coat the flesh of one half (the half you aren’t using) with fresh lemon juice.

Next, wrap the avocado half in plastic wrap and place in the fridge. Avocados From Mexico said: “It’s as easy as one, two, three.”

Alternatively, if you want to make things even easier, cut your avocado in half and place it in a glass or plastic container that has been filled with water, flesh-side down. Place this in the fridge.

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According to the experts, this will keep the avocado from turning brown for around two more days.

Spread your avocado on toast or chop it up into a salad. Turn it into creamy guacamole by mixing it with tomato, lime, coriander, onion and chilli.

Need an avocado right now but unfortunately yours aren’t ripe? Here’s how to ripen them in just two minutes.

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