James Martin gives advice on cooking roast potatoes

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TikTok creator Mr Grubworks is the chef behind @thegrubworkskitchen, sharing straightforward, flavourful recipes with his audience of 856K followers. This Christmas, if you’re looking for roast potatoes which pack a major crunch, the chef has a special butter sauce you need to try.

“Crispy, garlic herb butter roast potatoes. Let’s get your Christmas flavours sorted,” he said. Mr Grubworks’ secret weapon for a burst of flavour is his homemade garlic and lemon butter sauce.

Although you may not think about adding lemon juice to your festive dinner, the chef says it is the secret to added flavour. “Lemon can be quite sour but with these measurements, it’s a nice balanced bit of zing and freshness,” he said. 

The cooking time for the potatoes is just one hour and 30 minutes, and although Mr Grubworks recommends using goose fat or beef dripping to give your roasties crunch, he also says the recipe can be made vegetarian.

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“I personally think I get a better crisp with vegetable oil but the taste is better with animal fat for me,” he said. “All you do is substitute the goose fat for oil and use vegetable stock. So there’s no need for a different recipe.”

The chef is so confident in this recipe, that he says there is “no need for a trial” run before Christmas Day. He said: “No need for a trial, they’ll bang the first time. Just make sure your potatoes have cooled. Your oil is crazy hot and your oven is preheated.”

How to make Mr Grubworks crispy lemon butter roasties

Cook time: One hour and 30 minutes


  • One kilogram of Maris piper potatoes
  • Five cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
  • One vegetable or chicken stock pot
  • Goose fat, beef dripping, duck fat or any neutral high smoke point oil

For the sauce

  • 35g of butter
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

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The first step in making the potatoes is to peel them. The chef explained: “For the smallest, you want to cut them in half and if they are a little bit bigger you want to cut them in three or four. Then you want to give them a rinse with cold water and fill your pot up with cold water.”

The next step is to add your stock pot, a sprinkling of salt and the roughly chopped garlic to the pan, and boil until fork tender, then drain.

Next, Mr Grubworks recommends leaving the potatoes to cool for roughly 12 to 15 minutes, making sure to check them after 12 minutes, before giving them a shake and leaving them to cool on a pan or wire rack for 20 minutes.

“Now, you want to add your goose fat to a pan and place it in your preheated oven until screaming hot,” he said.

Heat your fat or oil in a preheated oven between 210C and 220C whilst your potatoes cool. Add your potatoes, coat in the fat and roast for an hour, making sure to turn them halfway through cooking.

According to the chef, If your potatoes aren’t sizzling when they hit the oil “you are doing it wrong”. He continued: “In the last few minutes of roasting you should combine your melted butter, garlic and lemon juice. Then you want to coat the potatoes in the butter and roast for three more minutes.”

For extra flavour, make sure you save a tablespoon of butter to pour over the roast potatoes once cooked.

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